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Originally Posted by BlazingPedals View Post
Usually when a model is cost-reduced, you see it in the component specs. Are blue and orange bikes at the same component level?
Originally Posted by puma1552 View Post
I believe there are some changes, but I didn't look at the bikes close enough in person. I have gathered that the year is in Specialized's part/model number (last two digits in first number), but didn't think to look close at the manufacturer's tag on the bike...but don't really have any good reason to think they wouldn't say 2016.

So the only spec you looked at was color? That's about the least important spec. You should look at the components, and especially the crank and wheels because they're pretty common things to change (downgrade) to shave the MSRP some.

That, to me is how you should be looking at the bikes - and the model year - not color or even serial number because it's easier than looking for the S/N.

Tell us what you find out and then we might be able to answer your shadiness question.


Originally Posted by puma1552 View Post
I emailed Specialized to inform them of the situation, and to let me know if I'm missing something. Figured it didn't really help to ask the LBS since they will likely tell me something that may or may not be true, and I won't be able to know for sure. I figured Specialized is the one who will give me the answer straight - if the LBS is above board, Specialized will tell me and explain and all will be well for me and the LBS, no harm done, and if not, then Specialized will straighten things out with the LBS, as they should. Hard to imagine it would just be a mistake on the LBS's part, to be honest.

Will update this thread with what I hear from Specialized.
You did this when you've only looked at the color? Go back and actually look at the bikes, you can figure this out for yourself!
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