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We're talking custom. The best web form is http://www.competitivecyclist.com/za...ND&BRAND.ID=32

1. open URL
2. click on a Litespeed model
3. select starting points:
3.1 frame size
3.2 color
3.3 drive train
3.4 click on continue
4. Now you have the full custom build form. Each option has
4.1 description of option
4.2 cost of option
4.3 weight of option in grams
4.4 total weight of bike is updated with changes

So to answer you question further:
A- what is the weight in grams of a non disc brake set?
B- which disc brake system are you using? each model and manufacturer will have a different weight.
C- calculate the differences. These will not be available from the online form.

Ballpark guess from me is about the weight of SKS plastic fenders, but this is very rough. I seem to think it is between 1lb and 2lbs, but been too long since I did a comparison. I don't know about you, but I can still easily lose 5 lbs, or more, so extra margin of safety with disc brakes is much more important than the small cost of disc brakes. I don't know that hydraulic discs are needed.

On the other hand, with disc brakes you can save money as you don't need higher quality rims/wheel sets with reinforced sidewalls to handle the friction wear from rim brakes. Some designers have suggested if you are using disc brakes, you can save weight by using lighter rims/wheelsets. I am still undecided on that argument.
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