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The Motorex is more design for racing where you will be cleaning and re-lubing your chain after every race. You have to make sure that the chain is completely clean of the old lube you used previously and make sure the solvent has dried before applying the Motorex, than you apply one drop per roller then take a rag and wipe the excess lube off the chain, then let it dry overnight. Make sure you follow the directions to the letter for any lube you use because each lube has their own specifics.

Not sure how good the Motorex is for long term use where a person may only clean their chain once every 300 or so miles, I do know it seems to be pretty good for racing but again the chain is getting cleaned more frequently and the chain is getting replaced more frequently. I typically don't like wax in a bottle like the Finish Line Dry, or White Lightening, or Pedros, and the Motorex has wax in it but it has oil too, so not sure about this product. Wax in a bottle does not hold up long, about 60 to 70 miles before you need to reapply it which means on long rides you need to carry a bottle of lube with you or the chain will start to wear fast and friction will increase; also wax does not prevent the chain from rusting. I've used the new reformulated Finish Line Dry and didn't like it (but the old stuff was great), it no way lasts 250 miles, you're not hearing the chain make noises, you need to be reapplying that stuff at least every 100 miles and ideally after every ride! And you're doing your chain a big disservice by only cleaning it once every 3 or 4 months, this would be true with any lube not just wax based, just because the chain looks clean doesn't mean that it is, metal particles from the gears and chain are deposited onto the chain and gears grinding away like super fine sandpaper not to mention fine bits of debris from the road.

I know lube is all personal opinion stuff, and if you like the Finish Line Dry stuff then keep using it but clean the chain about once a month instead. And make sure you clean the chain and reapply the lube after riding it in the rain. There is a product I use on my commuter and touring bike called ProGold Prolink Xtreme, this is like a wet lube but it won't splatter, and it's like a dry lube, it sticks to the chain really well even after a rain, but the instructions do say to run the chain through a rag after every ride, but I like the lube for my intended purposes. On my road bike I use Rock N Roll Gold but may be changing to WD40 Dry after seeing how it works on a friends bike. There are a lot of lubes on the market, all designed to drive you crazy in selecting the right one, for the most part except for wax lubes you won't go wrong if you follow their directions..
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