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my Bighit idea

Im thinking about buying a bighit frame and building it up. You guys have any idea how much one sells for? And what would a guy like me do who doesnt know how to build a bike? Would a shop take care of that for me once I had bought all the parts?

The thing is, Im trying to work a deal with the shop I bought my enduro from. 3 weeks after I bought the bike, the price dropped down to $999 versus 1299 that I payed. Im using this and the fact that I JUST bought a bike from them to give me some leverage and possibly get me a good deal. I just have to talk to the manager at the other store. I doubt he could give me the full bike for what I want it for, so I am going to ask what kind of deal we could cut on a frame. This way im not dropping a whole butload of money on a bike all at once and can actually customize it the way I want it over the next few months.

What do you guys think?
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