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Recovery from fractured pelvis

Into end of week 3 after my crash resulting in a fractured pelvis. Lucky in that I do not require surgery. Doctors say 6-8 weeks, though after my 2 week X-Ray and evaluation, the doctor said "You will be on crutches for months" Did not say how many months, but not what I was hoping to hear.

Of course, this is the year at age 60 that I took up both velodrome track riding and crit racing, but crashed on my way back from watching a race.

I know that every person is different and injuries are different, but would like to hear from others that have gone through this.

My first week was pretty bad. The pain was the worst ever. Now, much better, in fact, have to be careful I don't forget and accidentally step down on the injured left side. I go back for my next x-ray and evaluation at week 6, so that's 3 weeks from now.

Been doing some basic upper body resistance band work, just to do something and not lose total fitness.

We have a spin bike in our gym, so hoping at week 6 to be able to get on there and spin very lightly.
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