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Originally Posted by f4rrest View Post
What part of your pelvis?

I fractured mine and broke my heel at the same time, so getting around was really, really painful at first. Especially sitting up to get out of bed. Had to use a bed pan for a week. Eventually, I tied a long rope to the bottom of the bed, so I could pull myself up at night without having to wake my spouse.

Wheelchair for a couple weeks, then crutches.

I was back on the trainer in 6 weeks (very slow for 20 minutes) and riding outside again after 6 months. The heel was really the thing that held me back, so you should be back sooner.

Good luck!
Ouch, it was hard enough to get around with just this injury. Don't know exactly the name of the bone I broke, I should know. I think its' the one that the hip bone goes into.

You are right, getting in and out of bed at the beginning was torture, much better now. I'm encouraged at how fast you got back to riding, though the six months till riding outside sounds bad.

In the winter I ride mostly indoors anyway due to asthma, although this year most of my indoor riding was in the Velodrome and don't know when I could go back to doing that. I do feel that it's getting better, much less pain. I actually worry about forgetting I have the injury and stepping down on the injured foot.
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