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Originally Posted by Michael Shaw View Post
I turned on the computer this morning just in time to see a note show up on the local bulletin board offering two bikes for free - one 27 inch road bike and the other 24 inch. No other indication of the bikes' condition, make, frame style, model, colour, gender, age or any other details.

One can only hope.

I answered post haste and was invited to pick them up. On this Forum a "27-inch" bike would likely be considered a typo. Out there, I assumed that it meant that there were two bikes available, one with 27-inch TIRES and the other with 24-inch tires.

Imagine my surprise when the "27-inch bike" actually turned out to be a baby-blue metallic Puch Odyssey in GREAT shape. The sticker on the frame indicates that it is a Japanese bike made of 012 steel tubing (?), and was purchased in Pete's Bike & Stove Shop in New Haven. The bike has nice Suntour & Dia Compe bits 'n' pieces.

And the "27-inches" business was absolutely spot on - the frame measures 27 inches (69cm) from crank centre to top of seat tube and the height to the top of the seat is about 44 inches. Just looking at that crossbar gives me a pain in the testicles.

I just want to know how old this bike is and if this bike has any peculiarities.

See here:
Hi - I have a PUCH Odyssey - sounds pretty much what you are describing. So, it sounds like $50 - $100 would be a reasonable asking price for a bike in good condition.
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