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Shops are the only place that can build a bike for you from a frame...WE are gods!! We know how to do it all!! Never try and build a frame up on your own!! YOU WILL FAIL!

HA HA Just kidding man! Here's the only thing to consider.

How often are you planing on tinkering with your bike? Do you think you'll change parts alot? Do you like to strip your bike down alot? Doing the work is something most can learn how to do, the tools sometime can be a little pricy depending on what you need.

So what I'm saying is... if you are only going to build it up once, bring it to a shop, they'll do it all for ya. But if you plan on doing int multiple times, buy the tools it'll save ya money in the long run!

Most shops wont care where you got hte parts especially since you got the enduro from them they should be pretty cool about it.

Inside thought here... in our shop if the person buys all the parts from our shop...we put it all together at no charge for them, umong the other discounts we give em. So ask you shop..see what's theyd to before you get all the parts off line. Maybe you'll pay a little more in the shop..but the service is the key!!!

Good luck!
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