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Shimano Dura Ace brake levers for 7900 DT shifters?

Hey all...I couldn't find an ideal location within any of the forums in which to pitch this question & I guess the title pretty much says it all...

Apart from my two ADR-Agrigel replicas from Lemond's '89 TDF (Bottecchia SLX Equipe & neon yellow TVT92 Carbone) that are completely kitted out with the same Mavic SSC componentry that Lemond himself used that year, my other 7 bikes are 100% kitted out with Shimano - 2 x Ultegra 6700, 3 x Dura Ace 7402/03/10 & 2 x 600 Ultegra 6402/03.

I am very interested in purchasing a bike that is kitted out with Dura Ace 7900 STI but I HATE the STI cables before Shimano finally learned how/decided to tidy it all up under the bar tape, together with the brake cables & I refuse to own a bike with that setup. I see that the 7900 series did produce a lovely pair of 10-speed downtube shifters (btw, all of my bikes apart from the two late model LOOKs with 6700 group upon them use downtube shifters & I love them) but I cannot for the life of me find a pair of conventional (i.e. NOT STI or TT) Dura Ace brake levers that would accompany these downtube shifters & allow me to remove these (IMO anyway) hideous clothesline-looking external gear cables.

So, can anyone PLEASE tell me a) why Shimano bothered to release the downtube shifters without a matching pair of brake levers &/or b) if I'm missing something here & there are a pair of non-STI/non-TT brake levers that would match this group set without me having to grab one of my spare pairs of 7402 brake levers? And let's face it, they would hardly be a match but they're the best compromise (God I HATE that word, especially when it comes to bikes!) that I can presently think of re: my dilemma.

Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to read my post & double thanks to anyone who tries to help me out here!!

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