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Cave Creek Park - Thunderbird

[IMG]Cave Creek Park in Phx by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Short ride yesterday afternoon. Went to Cave Creek Park - Thunderbird. This is a city park not to be confused with Cave Creek Regional Park with Maricopa County. I saved this ride as a workout on Endomondo. This time I did remember to pause the workout.

If you are more interested in the pix go here.

I started my ride traveling north on 23rd Ave. At Glendale Ave you have a choice. Go right to 22nd Dr and turn north. From there follow the bike route signs to get back on 23rd Ave. I went left then immediately right onto 23rd Dr. Then I followed 23rd Dr until it intersected with 23rd Ave. From there turn north. Which path I choose at Glendale depends on traffic.

Follow 23rd Ave north until it ends at Mission Ln just north of Dunlap. Turn left onto Mission Ln and work your way over to 25th Ave and turn north again. Just north of Mission Ln you come to the Arizona Canal.

[IMG]The Arizona Canal by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Turn right. Get on the north side of the canal. You can choose north or south of the flood control channel. I chose south and rode between the Arizona Canal proper and the flood control channel. About a quarter mile east of 25th Ave you come to a bridge over the flood control channel. Take it north.

The Cave Creek channel joins the Arizona Canal flood control channel here. You can take either side. But the underpasses at Peoria and Cactus are on the west side. I crossed Cave Creek here and proceeded north.

Except for occasional litter the channels are mostly empty. For whatever reason you will find shopping carts in almost all canals and channels around here.

[IMG]Aisle Cave Creek? by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Half way between Cactus and Thunderbird is a small green park near a pedestrian bridge over Cave Creek. I stop here to use the facilities.

[IMG]Cave Creek Park by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The water in the drinking fountain was tepid. The creek is a real creek not a channel here. It is empty despite our recent sprinkles.

My route home is almost the reverse of the route out. Halfway between Peoria and the Arizona Canal I cross to the east side of Cave Creek. Probably no advantage. But I feel like it lines me up to cross the Arizona Canal.

At Orangewood between Northern and Glendale I turn east to 21st Ave, then back south to Glendale. I usually stop at the QT convenience store for a chocolate milk after an afternoon ride. Yesterday was no exception. A cold chocolate milk tastes really good after an afternoon ride. I walked along Glendale while sipping the chocolate. Finished it about 21st Ave. From there it was only a couple of miles home.

On the stats. Both Endomondo and my bike computer have my mileage at just under 16.1 mi. Endomondo says I took 1 hr 21 min, while my computer says 68 min. Endomondo must be counting the time I'm sitting at lights not moving. The bike computer isn't. Glad to know my bike computer's distance is good tho.
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