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Okay, so...

I am a very, very newbie biker? I haven't ridden regularly since I was about 18 or 19 (I am now 36).

I have only ever riden cruiser style bikes with coaster breaks with any success.

Once when I was about 15 (I was very, very heavy even as a young child if that has anything to do with it) I got a road bike with gears... I absolutely HATED it!!! The seat was so uncomfortable I couldn't stand to ride it. Finally I got a big wide cooshie flat seat and rose the handel bars as high as they would possibly go making as upright a position as I could... better, but it still wasn't very comfortable, so I rarely used it until I finally got another cruiser style bike.

Recently my daughter daughter just got the training wheels off her bike! She is in bike ecstasy! She wants to ride all the time! I had been considering getting a bike for a while now. But now that my daughter is really loving riding her little bike it is something we can do together.

Healthy, a good way to get exercise, wholesome, etc.

My current ideal is to ride easy, safe areas (ie the local park bike path, the safe residential area behind my house, etc)

In the distant future when I get in shape and my daughter gets to be a better rider we might go to star bucks (5 miles) or run very simple errands (again, very short distances under 10 miles, safe city area). Maybe ride along the river... maybe even to some foresty places with big easy path trails and few hills!

There are low rolling hills in my area. When I was young I hated hills!!! I would stand up to pedal. I am afraid to do that now as once a tire blew and I flew off and now I have a bad shoulder I am afraid of injuring.

When i was in highschool my weight warped the tires of my cheap Wal Mart bike. I have been a little afraid of bikes being too flimsy since then. Partly why I haven't ridden...

Due to a car accident 2 years ago I can not put weight on my left arm (another reason I can't use the hunched over style of bike).

I weigh about 300 lbs
I enjoy hiking (a mile or so each way)
Swimming (no limit! I love swimming)
And dancing (but I don't do it that often)
So I am "sorta kinda fit for my size". Or rather, I am "average American" fitness and not "a total fat sloth".

My favorite thing about biking is feeling like flying with the wind in your hair, coasting along at 7 or 8 miles an hour looking at fall leaves or spring flowers, talking/playing/laughing with my daughter (or friends when I was young), maybe getting a cup holder and sipping a cold drink.

May use it to exercise the dog also (let her run for a change instead of just slowly walk)

So I need:
Cruiser style
Under 300 dollars (350 MAYBE, after all I still need helmet, chain, lock, and who knows what else. Eventually some way to attach it to my car!)
Able to hold 300lbs easy (I am slightly traumatized from Highschool on this front)
With a cooshie, cooshie seat
Super easy mechanically as I know nothing

Casual riding around town with a small child and possibly a dog
Stress relief
With the intention to take it slow and scenic (imagine cruising around with family, a book on tape, and a latte)

I dislike hills with a passion when riding but we have a few around here.
(The only good thing about a hill is gliding down without pedaling. Your reward for all your hard work- yuck!)
But I may need to traverse them like it or not.
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