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Do you presently use a bike locker?

If not, would you use a bike locker if it was inside a parking garage and within reasonable walking distance to work?
Yes, if I didn't already have such great bike parking inside my own building.

What type of locker would you prefer?
1. I'd prefer to have my own locker with a key at my primary place of work. That way I know the parking is always there when I need it.

2. The online rechargeable card option also sounds pretty good, especially for times when I am riding to an alternate location and need to leave the bike for several hours.

Bonus question: If there were bike-share bikes stationed at the same garage, would you use one?
1, If I am using a locker that I essentially rent, and no one else has access to it, then no.
2. If it is the keycard option, where my spot might be gone when I get back, then I'd probably use the bike share.

Any other thoughts or comments?
I'm grateful you are doing this. I'd love to have bike lockers in some of the parking garages around town.

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