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Do you presently use a bike locker? If so, tell me about it and how much you pay.
I signed up for one with an organization called Bike Link out of Oakland- they seem to run the ones in Seattle. But I never use it. They claim "pennies per hour" it's a smart card system. Seems nice- I just don't need it.

If not, would you use a bike locker if it was inside a parking garage and within reasonable walking distance to work? (You get to decide how far “reasonable” is.) Yes.

What type of locker would you prefer?

[*] One where you buy an online rechargeable access card and it charges you 5¢ (yes, only a nickel) an hour to park? (40¢ to 50¢ a day.) And you can use that card in other cities too. And you can also reserve a locker online before leaving for work? - This makes the most sense to me

Bonus question: If there were bike-share bikes stationed at the same garage, would you use one,
  • to commute instead of your own bike, or
  • for running errands at lunchtime instead of your own bike which you would leave in the locker.
    Neither- I have too many bikes to borrow someone else.

Any other thoughts or comments?
Check out Bike Link.

Good Luck- should keep you busy for a while.

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