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Do you presently use a bike locker?

No, I don't. There are many around the area but none anywhere I'd be using it.

If not, would you use a bike locker if it was inside a parking garage and within reasonable walking distance to work? (You get to decide how far “reasonable” is.)

In a parking garage? I'm not sure what's the point is of a bike locker once you put it under a roof. The coverage seems like it's the only reason to use one... keep your bike out of rain and snow. My impression is that the lock attachments and the pry-able door make it less secure and the concealment makes it more attractive than a nice fat U-lock on a loop rack set in concrete.

What type of locker would you prefer?
  • One where you bring you own lock—padlock and U-lock compatible—but you can't leave your lock overnight?
  • One where you buy an online rechargeable access card and it charges you 5˘ (yes, only a nickel) an hour to park? (40˘ to 50˘ a day.) And you can use that card in other cities too. And you can also reserve a locker online before leaving for work?
  • One with its own key lock, and you pay $30 for six months April 1 to October 31, or $50 for a whole year April 1 to March 31 (your choice) plus a key deposit for either period?
I'd prefer the first option but I don't see how you could protect yourself from abuse. Is someone going to cut the locks off every night? Option B seems limiting, option C is apparently what you have now and it isn't working for you.

Bonus question: If there were bike-share bikes stationed at the same garage, would you use one,
  • to commute instead of your own bike, or
  • for running errands at lunchtime instead of your own bike which you would leave in the locker.
Yes and yes. Bike share looks great to me. I've only ever used it once but it worked great once I figured out the system. If I had it, I probably wouldn't have a bike for commuting, but I live in the 'burbs

Any other thoughts or comments?

In my town, which is unincorporated county governed, we get problems that are pushed out of the nearby incorporated cities. So we have a pretty substantial homeless population. They've been known to use the bike lockers for other purposes... as well as camping in the greenways, but that's probably another story.
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