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Loma del Rio Ruins

Rode my bike to Tempe Town Lake this morning. Visited the Loma del Rio Ruins. If you're more interested in pix go here.

I recorded the workout here.

Forgot to pause the workout. So from 12.6 mi to 13.0 mi, I walked it. Less significant I walked 28.0 to 28.12 mi. I was drinking chocolate at the time. Didn't last long!

Started my ride near Campbell and 23rd Ave going east on Campbell. At 7th Ave I got on the Grand Canal Trail. Stopped at Quik Trip at Thomas Rd near 24th St and had breakfast.

Then back on the Grand Canal Trail. Sunday mornings are quiet this early. Few people walking their dogs. There was a "bicycle" camp. Three or four people, half a dozen bikes and assorted gear just off the canal behind some bushes. Stopped at 32nd St to take this shot.

[IMG]Shopping Cart Art? by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

From here I continued on to Washington St. Then east on Washington to Tempe Town Lake.

[IMG]Mill Ave Bridge by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I had just missed an opportunity to shoot a real train crossing the lake. But you can see the Lite Rail crossing in the background. From here I went under the 202 freeway and worked my way to the Loma del Rio Ruins. You can look the location up. But it's marked on my map in the album.

[IMG]Loma del Rio Ruins by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Sorry I couldn't get a good pic. It's a small dwelling. But you can see they had a good view of "A" mountain and the Salt River from here. Of course my view is different. Looking east from the ruins there was a higher ridge. I thought there might be more ruins. I wimped out on riding up to it. Walked my bike up there. BTW a bike makes a horrible hiking cane. The view was even better.

[IMG]Crest of the ridge by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

[IMG]Lookin north by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

After enjoying the view I retraced my steps to Lakeshore View Dr. Turned right to get on Curry Rd. Washington St becomes Curry Rd east of Mill Ave. Followed Curry Rd to College Ave and turned north. At Thomas Rd I took a potty break at Burger King and bought a small coke. Decided cokes don't work while I'm riding. Note to self, tea and gatorade sit better. After the ride is different.

One of my goals this morning was to explore Osborn Rd as a bike route. So at Osborn I turn west. Another reason for going this way was the weather was predicted to be an east wind all morning. They were right! Whee! Downwind almost all the way home. About 64th St I crossed the Crosscut Canal.

[IMG]Crossing the Crosscut Canal by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Osborn ended at 60th St. Indian School is very close at this point. I went north to Indian School Rd, crossed and headed west. It would have been easy to get on the Arizona Canal Trail at this point and head home. But where's the fun in that?

At 56th St I turned south and got back on Osborn heading west again. Two miles later Osborn ended again at 40th St. I worked my way thru the neighborhood to 36th St & Osborn. There were bicycle lanes all the way to 20th St. I stopped here to get a gatorade.

From here I thought about getting on the Grand Canal Trail but didn't. It was still early enough, traffic was light enough I felt safe taking the right lane of a 4 lane road on into Central Phoenix. No problems.

At 3rd Ave I turned north to Indian School Rd and stopped for a chocolate milk. Started walking north along 3rd Ave sipping my chocolate. Must have been hotter than I thought. Because I was soon done with the milk. From there it is only a couple of miles home.

On to stats. My bike computer says
29.9 miles
2 hours 19 min.
I did forget to turn on my computer for a block after breakfast.

30.4 mi
4 hours
About 0.5 miles of that was walking. Also missed is a couple of blocks near my house.
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