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Thanks everyone for your replies so far. I'm learning a lot. I'm sure the bosses will too when I send the link.

Some responses:

Jade: Yeah, is one outfit I'm looking at. Too early to tell if it's worth sending up the line.

Moe: Bike locker as homeless shelter or self-storage shed is a problem. During my inspections of two garages last week I found one full of wooden stakes. Either a surveyor or someone's got a vampire problem.

Nobody's said anything about cutting off locks at night. I don't think we've had that issue to date. The idea is that you can't just claim it as yours in perpetuity. Or move you stuff (or yourself) in. Other people have to be able to use it when you're not there.

CliffordK: Train stations and park & ride are outside my department's purview. Park & ride is the transit authority and all those lots are in the suburbs anyway. I met on Friday with the general-purpose bike advocacy guy in the city, and he's with the program so maybe lockers at Amtrak and the long-haul bus terminal could be in the future. As for long-term storage, by ordinance, the City is not permitted to offer long-term storage of anything. (Which has me wondering about the vampire stakes.)

classtime: Preventing waiting lists and unused lockers is the goal here. That's exactly how we got to this problem.

mcours: I too get the impression that lots of cyclists don't know what they are. In one garage, eight empty lockers surrounded by bikes locked in post-and-rings.

Jack: Good to see you here. Stick around.

BobbyG: The problem with towing a garage around with you is, of course, the trailer itself. Then they'll tow off your garage with the bike inside! Neat visual though.

Darth: As usual, you have have a good handle on the problem.

Keep 'em coming gang!

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