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I use the BikeLink lockers at the transit station sometimes - but you never know if they're all going to be used so you have to bring regular locks anyway because you might have to use a regular rack. Also the LCD screens are almost impossible to read in bright sunlight so that's a problem - and yeah, people store junk in there... what's up with that? I'd use BikeLink at shopping or libraries or other places if they were reliably available.

I don't have a big security problem at my office - we have good bike locking furniture inside a semi-secure garage so that's good enough, although bike theft isn't zero... it's low enough that I wouldn't pay extra for a locker. I do get to leave my locks there overnight - convenient but there are a bunch of abandoned locks there as well - there should be a lock storage rack separate from the bike furniture and abandoned locks can get cut off. If I worked someplace that did have a security problem, I'd be happy to rent a locker by the month just to make sure I'd always have it.

I've used bike share in San Francisco a couple times - interesting and fun but there are usually just better ways of getting around.
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