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Originally Posted by tsl View Post
Do you presently use a bike locker? If so, tell me about it and how much you pay. No, but I used one in college and it was fantastic. If I didn't have the ability to bring my bike right into my office I'd love to have the use of a locker. In fact, the ONLY way I'd ride to work if I couldn't park in my office would be with the use of a locker -- routinely locking my bike out in the open is a "no go" for me.

If not, would you use a bike locker if it was inside a parking garage and within reasonable walking distance to work? Yes, but it really comes down to where the actual locker is located. If it's in a dark corner way out of any line of sight then no, I probably wouldn't be interested. Walking distance would depend on the neighborhood I'd have to walk through. I'd like a locker with a lot of visibility and a walk through a reasonably safe area.

What type of locker would you prefer? I'd want my own locker with my own (issued) key. I'd be very happy to pay a reasonable amount for an annual (or monthly) rental agreement. I'd also want someone to monitor whether or not the lockers are actually being used and weed out the deadbeats sitting on empty lockers. This was a problem I experienced first hand. A fair key deposit would be expected too.

Bonus question: If there were bike-share bikes stationed at the same garage, would you use one? No. I'm too particular about my bikes and I'd just as soon ride my own than some public shared beater bike.

Any other thoughts or comments? Bike lockers are a fantastic way to encourage more bicycle commuting. If people knew they could safely store their bike at their destination I'm convinced more people would be inclined to participate.

Thanks! You're welcome. Somewhere in your neck of the woods is a person DYING for your help. The fact that the current system fell into such despair is a testament to how little regard our society has for cyclists. If your work can help the system reach anywhere near full potential, you will have done a tremendous service indeed.

No pressure. It's just that so many riders are counting on you.

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