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Originally Posted by orbano View Post
My (very newbie) opinion: I think this category tries to be a bit of everything but, by necessity, has to lean more one way or the other. I liked the Talon a lot, but I thought it leaned more towards being a mountain bike (or perhaps a more aggressive light trail bike). The Toughroad, I thought, was a better compromise in that it works reasonably well on both terrains as equipped but with a change of tires alone I got it to behave quite nicely on paved roads (which I do more of) and still be reasonably decent on light trails.

My own (again, very newbie) sense is that components matter but perhaps not too too much in the category we are talking about. I'm glad I got the Toughroad because it great for what I do - and I think that's important: to figure out your compromise well.
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