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Originally Posted by LHawes View Post
I rode the SLR2 the other day and didn't like a few items (shifters, seat, grips) and thought that the upgrade to the SLR1 might be worth it instead of throwing money at a brand new bike. The post above has, however shed a little light on what I might actually have to upgrade to my liking, and the cost, versus the $430 additional cost for the SLR1. I don't need racks today but I do like the better brakes and shifters of the SLR1. Not sure about the 2 x 10 of the SLR1 versus the 3 x 9 SLR2 but should learn more tomorrow when I test ride the SLR1.

Still having a hard time buying a new bike and upgrading it immediately. Thoughts?

This may have been covered already in another thread, but just about everyone upgrades the saddle and pedals, and quite often the grips almost immediately.

Even stems get often changed for different lengths and angles(I did this).

Whilst it is not unheard of to change out shifters and derailleurs, most people are not looking to do that when they buy a new bike.

I was happy enough to go with the running gear of the SLR 2 because I wanted some "test data" on what it was like to have a modern triple crank and have low gearing like 22/34.

So far I am leaning to thinking the triple crank is not needed, simply because if I can't take a hill in 32/34, I don't enjoy trying to take it in even lower gears on the small front chain ring.

Now this may be due to me not being fit enough, but I find I get worn out by going so slowly, for so long, up hills in 22/34.

I actually have in a cupboard at home, brand new Shimano XT double chainring cranks(40/28), XT gear levers, XT derailleurs and cassette(11-34) to put on my Toughroad SLR 2 at some point, but for now I am happy enough to collect more data on the stock running gear.
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