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Originally Posted by LHawes View Post
Thanks so much for taking the time to post, it is very much appreciated but I have to be honest and admit I'm a bit lost. There's a $400AUD price difference between the SLR1 and the SLR2 and if one were to spend $533AUD on a 10 speed gear set, which the SLR1 already has, the SLR2 would be a better bike than the SLR1 and the SLR0?

Are the new XT components that much better than the stock Sram components that the SLR1 already has? The SLR1 also has better brakes than the SLR2 as well?

I really wish I knew more about the specific components but it seems like a bit of a wash to me, but more money for the upgraded SLR2. Missing something and I apologize.

I really hope that I do not come off as someone trying to pretend they are expert in such matters as I am surely not, but the logic is still not quite sinking in.

It must be that the XT stuff is far superior to the stock Sram stuff on the SLR1?
LHawes, are you in the USA or Australia?

I probably wasn't as clear as I could have been and was largely explaining why for me, the SLR 2 made the most sense, but it may not for everyone else.

Firstly, I wouldn't recommend that someone buy a SLR 2 and upgrade it, instead of buying a SLR 1, unless you had a definite use for the running gear on the SLR 2.
Secondly, it is largely because I always planned to take the running gear off my SLR 2 and transfer it to a Surly LHT, that I bought the SLR 2, knowing I would then be free to upgrade the SLR 2, to my heart's content.

Thirdly, the Sram stuff on the SLR 1 is decent, but it is more like Deore level in Sram's family tree, which is why I believe the XT upgrades would overall make an updated SLR 2, better overall than a SLR 1, despite the SLR 1 having a better braking system. But keep in mind that "better" here doesn't mean a night and day difference, the SLR 1 is still going to be a fine bike.

Fourthly, if you are based in America, you won't have an option of the SLR 0, in the next 12 months or so, at least.

Fifth & final I think the SLR 0 isn't worth the cost and sadly has a lousy colour scheme.
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