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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
..... OR, be like me and go Tracfone prepaid. I bought a LG 441G flip phone from walmart for $4.83. I turn it on only when I need to use it, which is almost never. My wife has to add minutes to it once in a while or it goes inactive and I lose the number. I can't keep up with the accumulation of minutes, I've got over 1200 right now
How about I use your words (from another post) to make a suggestion or two about altering your approach to the phones?

Back a few decades ago when we all ran out and bought our Data Generals... Vic-20's and Vic 128's we understood that what computers did best was complicated yet repetitive tasks. However even back in the 80's the experts were saying that computers were going to be communication devices. Even with CompuServe... I didn't see it.

Eventually however... almost everyone realized the value of computers and computerized devices (smart phone).

Humans don't have many needs. Food, water, shelter, companionship (communication). Extra bonus stuff humans seem to really like a lot include: sex, booze, music, sports, and cable TV.

Notice how communication (companionship) is on the "need" list.

Since human needs get so much attention some of us can just skate along and depend on the good intentions of others to effortlessly carry us along. I myself have never pumped or purified a single drop of water.... yet I don't go thirsty. But even the most hermit-like among us generally see our responsibility to others in our lives.... and do our part to carry the load when it relates to companionship (communication).

The phone technology of today enriches people lives. If there are people you care about in your life... it would be only polite to participate in the communication revolution. Send/receive the occasional text. Get the weather warning/update.... and let your loved one(s) know your OK. Be instantly tractable/locatable through your phone... so those that care will have that peace of mind. And even do that stupid simple thing that humans have always depended on to show others they care. Tell them. Just take the phone out of your pocket and call.

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