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lol, are you mad because I didn't call you on your birthday?

I can't just take my phone out of my pocket, it doesn't live in my pocket. It lives in my kittier, turned off, inside a protective camera case (along with my spare headlight battery).

The people I care about in my life are OK with me not carrying a smartphone, and not being accessible 24/7. I call my wife from work (from a landline, to a landline) before I leave for home every weeknight because that way she won't start getting worried unless it takes way longer than usual. (She doesn't have a smartphone either, just a dumb cellphone like me. My kids don't even have that, and my oldest is in high school)

I don't need weather warnings/updates, I live in San Diego.

I don't need instant on-demand maps/directions, I can plan ahead and print (or more likely sketch) a map before I go somewhere.

I do send the (very) occasional text, but usually when I want to communicate with a person not in the same room, I send an email -- which most other people get on their phones anyways.

If I were to drink the koolaid and get a smartphone, I would be paying more money so that I could have a 24/7 gaming device to enable me to waste more time. And me having my face buried in an appstore game all the time would NOT be good for my relationships.

In terms of communication enriching relationships, more than a smartphone, my (extended) family wishes I would join fasebuk (and/or google+ or twitter or snapchat or ...), but that's not gonna happen either.

I enjoyed your lecture about how I should be relating and communicating to my loved ones. Please feel free to elaborate.

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