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New Commuter, Maybe

My son starts college on Monday, the Georgia State U at Alpharetta! I know that he's going to drive the first week or two, just because everyone else does, but he's tentatively committed to become a bike commuter on nice days in the fall at least.

It's just about the perfect beginning bike commute in my opinion, a little over three miles not counting parking lots, crossing one road but the rest on the Greenway. Shaded forest by the creek, flat, uncrowded in the morning. It will take about 20 minutes to ride at a lazy pace, or almost the same as driving (8-15 minutes) at a normal pace. It's on my way to work so I can help him out with it, at his pace of course. Or not, if he wants to go it alone, but he doesn't even have to worry about flats or mechanicals this way.

He's got a mountain bike in good condition, which he's taken sometimes to his part time job or just out tooling around. I've set him up with lights and a rear rack, no fenders yet as I don't really expect it to be out in the rain very much. It's low end, but perfectly fine for this commute especially when locking up on a campus.

The main thing I want is for him to have the chance to clear his head before classes, with the peaceful calming of the natural forest, getting the blood oxygenated. Instead of the stress of that last minute rush driving in morning traffic. But the only way to convey that I think is to actually do it. Maybe I'll play the lonely Dad riding partner card, but I'm hoping he'll figure it out for himself. The sympathy ploy might not work anyway since I've been riding alone for almost 10 years, but you never know
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