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I guess it comes down to how big of a freerider you are! If you're going to try and do huge 30ft drops on a hardtail...good luck, so far there is only one guy that has accomplished that!

It's like this... yes a hardtail can work for freeriding (I'm so sick of that term!) but it will be much less forgiving! If you mess up...more than likely your gonna get chucked off the bike. Full suspension will give you a little more cushin for that mistake!

If you're going to do a lot/more of urban and dirt jumping go with the hardtail.... if you're gonna be more of a huckster go with the full sup.

Yes the MOZO ummm as dirbikedude put it sucks. But you can always upgrade parts later one. From what I've seen that big hit frame should be pretty good. I can't say for sure since I don't know of many people with them,and it uses a 26" rear wheel. The upper end big hit frames are solid! BUT... they do use a 24" rear wheel I don't know if that would make a difference to you or not. For me... I personally don't like the way the bike feels with the 24...rides way different. BUT yet some others love it. So....

Just some more thoughts for ya.

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