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North Side Loop Today

Went for a 30 mi loop today. Recorded the workout on Endomondo.

If you're more interested in pix go here.

Started out north on 23rd Ave around 5:20 AM. Forgot to start Endomondo until I got to Camelback. Sunday mornings are pretty quiet. Just north of Glendale Ave I worked my way to 21st Ave then to Northern. From there it was a couple of blocks to McDs. There I had breakfast. Forgot to pause Endomondo there.

After breakfast I went back to 23rd Ave then to the Arizona Canal. At the Arizona Canal I turned west. Maybe a half mile later I passed under I17. Then you ride near Castles and Coasters an amusement park.

[IMG]Castles & Coasters by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

Not too much farther you pass a Phoenix Water Treatment Plant.

[IMG]Phoenix Wastewater Plant by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

I continue riding west. A few miles later come to Thunderbird Paseo Park.

[IMG]Thunderbird Paseo Park by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

The main reason I shot this pic is because it is really green down there. Pretty good crop of weeds. I stop in the park for a quick break, then keep going west. Just pass Thunderbird Rd get on Hearn Dr. It swings north. Following the Bike Route signs I turn left then right to get on 63rd Ave.

From here I follow 63rd Ave north a couple of miles to Grovers Ave. Turn west. Nice neighborhoods along here. I rode west to 27th Ave and turn south. I stop in at a Fry's Supermarket on Bell to get a bottle of tea. Then continued south.

Just south of Greenway I lost the bike route. My fault the sign was there. Quick circle and I was back on track. Quickly you find yourself on 31st Ave still going south. It is residential neighborhoods until you get south of Peoria Ave. Then you're near Metro Center. I just follow the bike route to the south end of Metro Center. Back on the Arizona Canal it is a short ride to 25th Ave where I am back on track to get home. Slightly different route south of Glendale I took 21st Ave back into my neighborhood. Stopped for one last shot.

[IMG]Want an iron gate. by res1due, on Flickr[/IMG]

For those interested in the numbers.

30.5 mi
3 hrs 7 min
Bike Computer
30.9 mi
2 hrs 15 min
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