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Originally Posted by Squeezebox View Post
It might have been more enjoyable. My touring bicycle is much nicer to ride than my around town.
Why the $750 limit.
Before I had a bike shop in the 80's I had a price per component limit of $50, tires, rims, brakes, etc. I could afford more but enjoyed finding deals and unique parts. Getting expensive gear just seemed presumptuous. The old racers in their late 30's and 40's weren't slower because they had economical gear, they could toast me before I got fast. Touring was always a place where bling and fetishism of gear didn't belong like racing. You want to ride, so ride. You want to ride for days with camping gear, so do it. You put air in the tires, get on and ride. My 36lb around town coaster brake 3 spd with 2.35" tires is perfect.
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