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I'm having a hard time to decide between the toughroad slr 2, and a mountain bike with front suspension. (trek x-caliber 8 is currently on sale at $850)
I'm going to use it on paved roads and trails (probably 50/50). I won't go quick on trails with bumps, no jump, no race, no high speed. But still, I wonder if I won't miss the front suspension.
I've done a quick test of the toughroad on a parking lot. I wish I could test it on a trail.
The reasons I've selected the slr 2 are :
< $1000
Feels very light
Big tires for an hybrid. I was initially considering the Roam 2, but the tires are too small for some trails with rocks.

The trek x-caliber 8 is going to be heavier (probably + 5lbs), but has some nice components too. And a rockshox suspension + good tires, so would be safer on some trails with holes and bumps.

Do you sometimes miss the front suspension on yours ?

The store currently has the 2016 SLR 2 in large, at $800. I'm 6 ft (and 45y old), it's the right size for me.
I know the 2017 should be available soon, but they don't want to discount the 2016. If some components are improved on the 2017 model, I should probably wait until it's available. Would you wait a few weeks to get a 2017 model ?
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