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Bikes: Giant ToughRoad Giant talon

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Originally Posted by Haffster View Post
To be perfectly honest, after having used the bike for about 700 KMs this summer, my conclusion is that this is a bike that does a great job being a little bit of a road bike and a little bit of a mountain bike. If that's what you're after, you can't go wrong...

Bottom line: I'd highly recommend focusing on your usage. If you're going to be on pavement 80%+ of the time, get a road bike. Heck, you might even start going the distance with that on weekends. Personally, I'm thinking of putting the fatter tires back on and use this for a bit of light off roading (read: light), and getting a road bike for what I actually really like doing.
Summed up very well. The Giant is a compromise and an especially good one for blokes like me. I weigh 220 pound, or 100kg, and although I only ride on the road I find I don't trust the super slim tires on road bikes nor do I like the steering. I tied a roadie for a month and it wasn't me. One thing the toughroad allows me to do is utilize the footpath when I feel it a safer option. The footpaths here have gutters but are often grass or a dirt single track, a lot easier to negotiate with wide tires.

If you're on the heavy side and are prepared to take a loss in top speed and range then a hybrid like these is a great way to get exercise on the road.
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