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Originally Posted by timdow View Post
Yes this will work. I went with this arrangement on my touring bike. BUT... I would not do it again. Reason is that it puts most of my riding at the end of the middle ring and the start of the big ring. This equals lots of double shifts, and not optimum chain-line. Also, I think I have only shifted into the lowest combination once. Bottom line: The trade-off for lower gears that are very rarely used is poor performance in the gears you use most = not worth it.

For the slow gears with lots of pedaling, which is what touring riders are most concerned with, your current setup of 26T X 34T is a very reasonable 21.3 gear inches. The gearing you have now is pretty good. The best suggestion I can make is that you simply ride it as is for a while before making a change to see if you can get used to it. ....
depends on the rider's fitness, terrain, amount of gear, etc. i'd recommend
switching out the crank......22/32/44. (or change the rings, whatever
is cheaper...)

that's what i've got now, and honestly
i've only used the big ring maybe a half dozen times in the last 50,000 miles
of touring. (just haven't found a 40T to replace it with yet.) that 22 gets a
lot of use. my current crank.....i've now worn out and replaced the middle
ring twice and the inner ring once. other than scratches, the big ring is
almost like new.

i don't think 48/36/26 11-34 is reasonable on a touring bike.....the gears just aren't
conducive for riding a loaded touring bike outside of florida. the marketers
are pushing higher-geared gravel bikes. no reason to buy into the hype and
just "get used to it." i don't see the attraction in pushing a bike up a
30-km long hill.

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