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Originally Posted by Timequake View Post
What's your budget? Are you doing this to save money or just for a fun project? Where do you plan on riding? Terrain type, length of trip, amount of gear to carry? Too many variables to give you good answers as of now. But that being said, I'm a huge fan of converting old 90s mountain bikes into touring bikes. You can often find them at garage sales, used sporting good stores, or on Craigslist for <$100. They have strong steel frames with comfortable geometry, can fit wide 26" tires, may have tons of salvageable parts, and often have all the braze-ons for attaching racks. Think Specialized StumpJumper, Rock Hopper, and Hardrock, Trek 850 & 930, Schwinn High Sierra, etc.
I've built up a number of old rigid fork hardtail MTBs as dropbar touring bikes. I love them and so do many others. Most of those will take up to 2.125" knobby tires and fenders. FOr paved roads you can go as small as 1" tires although 1.25" and 1.5" smooth tires are more common. Tese bikes are very comfortable and handle a load really well. I use either barend shifters or Cmapy 9 speed Ergo shifters.

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