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Well, after a week or so of more pondering, I don't know if I am any closer to a decision!!! 😊 I have some of you to thank for that!!! Now, I've been drooling on about Ellis-Briggs, Woodrups, and even Hetchins (but without the curly stays &#128522. But price is a factor in this purchase, so as much as like Ellis-Briggs and Mercian, I will likely choose between the BJ and the Holdsworth Cyclone. Between these two, the sticking points are minor but they are there.

The Cyclone has 525 tubing, which is better than 531 from what I understand, primarily because the 531 tubing was never meant to be welded. It has the same legendary ride as the 531. The downside is that it is also sold as-is in that I can't request CP posts or CP bridge if I wanted to. But it comes with lowrider points, and double eyelets front and back. Also, max tire size is 28 w/ fenders. I also happen to like the looks of the Cyclone better than the BJ, with its sweet, chrome lugs, and old style pump pegs. Another slight downside is the history of the company (as I brought up in another thread here: http://www.bikeforums.net/classic-vi...otobecane.html)

The BJ Audax has 631 which is the air hardened version of 531. It's supposedly stronger and lighter than regular 531 while maintaining its legendary ride quality. I can also get CP posts and bridge, lowrider points, and special stays added for less than $200 extra.

One question I need to have answered is which tube set is better- 525 or 631? Which has better ride compliance, better strength and durability (531 is more susceptible to rust. How about 525 vs 631?), etc.

Then I have to determine if the BJ, with the customization is worth the extra $$$. The Cyclone is $750, while the BJ is $960 (delivered prices).

Maybe I am closer to a decision. 😎✌️

Attached is a pic of someone's Cyclone. Love the color scheme too- it's very old school.
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