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Originally Posted by HiBoost View Post
Yeah, all the calculators and formulas (I tried Lemond to Zinn and everything in between) all put me in the 61 range for sure. But like I said, any 61 I've owned I've had to get shorter reach bars and a shorter stem to be even remotely able to ride comfortably in the hoods. I'm just not very flexible. Meanwhile, I've ridden 58's a number of times (owned one for 10 years actually) and never felt cramped.
I cannot help you specifically with your numbers question, but your comment here resonates with me with my similar experience. I am about 5'10" and have owned a med 54cm Tricross with a 90mm stem , on paper it should be too small for me, but the reality is that its a bike that I can ride 100km all day, day after day, and not have neck, wrist or back pain that is beyond regular riding discomfort.

bottom line, I would very much go with measurements that you know work for you, and stay fairly close to that--again, without knowing how much you ride, your fitness etc etc, its not a clear answer over the internet, but my example of being 5'10" and riding a 54 shows that numbers on charts do not always reflect real life, either for a persons body shape dimensions, or flexibility, or that some charts are made more for racers---I'd go with your instinct of what works, and frankly, you can always easily add a stem that is 1 or 2cm longer at some point if you begin to feel a little cramped if and when you ride more and get more flexible.

if you do measurements of seat to bars etc, do be careful of not using nose of saddle as a starting point, and also that diff drop bars have diff reach etc, so this can be a factor of where the hoods are also.
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