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So I'm new to serious bicycling, and bicycle touring specifically. I've been researching and learning a lot. I got a great deal on this bike, and overall I really like it, but it's going to need a few tweaks to match my body better. In-spite of re-breaking my collar-bone a few days ago, I decided to take the bike out on it's first ride yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. I'm so used to extreme pain I hardly notice the pain anymore, so I just keep on going.
I have two bicycle tours under my belt; 2,000 miles in 33 days to NY State in 2014, and 1,500 miles in 40 days June-July of this year in the UK, Ireland and France.

Spent twelve years and 250,000 miles on motorcycles myself and have since transitioned to bicycles, 59 yo at present.

Do not let anyone tell you you don't "need" a low gear, you need what you need, end of story.

Currently I'm running a 44-33-22 Nashbar Mt. Bike crankset up front, and a 12-36 cassette in back. It works fine for me.

For knee pain I use plain ol' platform pedals and regular footwear. Platform pedals allow you to move your feet around and hence the angle of the load on your knees, I find this helps enormously.

In the pic thats a 20 TOOTH granny, I had to switch it out for a 22 on this last tour because of clearance issues, but I'll be returning to a 20 tooth soon.

I'm on a reworked '89 Schwinn Voyageur with which I cannot find fault, tho I have long looked covetously at the Novara Safari when in REI.

First thing I would do with one is ditch the handlebar tape for foam.....

...and I agree, it ain't geared low enough.


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