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How to Make a Fitted, Molded Water Bottle/Tank?

To fit in the bottom of the main triangle, or underneath the bottom of the down tube.

The usual water bottles are a very inefficient shape, in the way they utilize the limited space there. A bottle that is rectangular in cross section (instead of round) utilizes the space better. If molded, it could also utilize the shape of the triangle better, and it could be molded to clamp around the frame tubing, eliminating the need for bottle cages.

The sizes of these sorts of bottles or tanks could also be customized, or tailored to suit the nature of the tour. On long desert tours, for example, larger tanks would be useful. It wouldn't be difficult to fit a gallon or more down there.

Bikepacking setups often try to utilize the frame as rack, and use the limited space available, and this is along those same lines.

I'd like to explore this more.

Does anyone have experience or ideas on how this could be taken further, and actually implemented - how the molding could be done?

(I am of course aware of Google. I'm hoping someone here might have something more specific, or specific sites, or some personal knowledge that would be helpful.)
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