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Originally Posted by bradtx View Post
The most often recommended gear range for is 20-100 gear inches (GI). Add in some wonky knees (me) and the low end will drop. I've also learned that there are days where a hill's incline would normally use gear X, but because of any number of reasons that same hill requires X-Y GI.

The 44-32-22 chain ring combo is one that has worked best for me, even for unloaded rides.

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to receiving this set and getting it installed soon to give it a go.

Originally Posted by Yan View Post
Change the 26 chain ring to a 24 or 22. That is the change that will satisfy your requirement with the least amount of hassle and cost. You can also change your 48 chain ring for a 46 or even 44. Personally I wouldn't bother with changing the 48. You will almost never ride fast enough to exceed your middle chain ring when touring.
I've already ordered the new crankset. It should arrive within the next few days or so.

Originally Posted by Sharpshin View Post
Another suggestion... when/if the stock headset loosens up, a Chris King headset...

Expensive but worth every penny. Headsets get hammered even in normal riding.

Excellent, that will be my next, thanks!
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