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After going through the entries I'd like to thank everyone for giving me a good laugh this morning. There were a number of bikes that, while didn't win any awards, I was quite impressed with both the mileage and ingenuity in getting them back on the road. I initially decided on 10 categories, 2 of them being sexiest and most impartial judge so making a decision on these was rather difficult and at times not at all.

First up...the grand winner of the 2016 C&V Clunker Challenge is... @jetboy . Jetboy's resolve to go after the black paint, add a 1/4 sized rider and pander to the judge with the Clunker 2016 script on the top tube won him top honors this year.

Next, we have 'Purity of the build' as it was so eloquently described earlier. A past winner of the Legnapollo himself, @Lascauxcaveman 's sublime and thorough restoration efforts of 'WD-40 and some air' earned him this award.

While not being able to complete the challenge because he's a wimp , @shipwreck earned the 'pile of turds covered in reflectors' award with his John Deere inspired ... thing.

Worst handlebar grips (well, @jetboy could share this one too) (and possibly crankset) has to go to @CannedPakes with his beautiful bicycle.

Best bum hatchet has to be shared and go to this lump of brown that @dweenk found in that dark place of his and the ingenuity of @carbomb.

Combined best evaporuster and most proper photo in front of the tip goes to @Andy_K

Best weight weenie and impromptu drillium goes to @Bradleykd

And last, but not least, the unusually nice restoration of an unknown bike bike goes to @fleeslider for this example.
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