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I am usually wrenching on one of or multiple bikes of mine every day--not as a point of pride/"look at me", but with many steeds comes much tending-to. Haven't gotten tired of it yet!

The big item for today was completing my re-building up of my '85 Schwinn Peloton. She (Penny) has been a groupset gypsy since I saved her from fixed gear life. 1050-era 105 (bought only as frame and fork), 7400 DA, 7800/7400 DA (10s DT shift), Campy Record/Chorus mix of which she was not a fan, and now 7700 with 7800 derailleurs. A good bit pilfered from my Cannondale, which is supplying her and another (secret!) bike with some parts (7700 STIs are a separate purchase).

After trying out the old school drop bar look and STI positioning, test riding it and finding it no bueno, I did the complete stem+bar swap from my Cannondale (quill-to 1 1/8" converter, stem, 31.8mm compact drop bars) and all is well in the universe. She has her Vueltas back, which she really missed, and is now, at a 25" frame size with pedals, just a touch under 21 lbs. All that to say, she. is. back. We've missed each other.

Snapped pictures of two bikes I am putting up for sale while doing final checks to make sure they are doubly safe and ready to go. Gotta make room. Many bikes in a 500 sq. ft. apartment unit is a bit cozy. But since I am way into bikes and very single, it's just this side of sustainable.

Earlier in the week, my Ross was redone for winter duty. After the initial full metal fender mounting, she was a bit rattly and buzzy. Revamped half of the mounting methods (rubber and vibration-quelling material!) and it's nice and tight. She got Penny's Campy stuff and is relishing it. Looking very nice as well. As much as I do not want rain any sooner than necessary, I look forward to riding an excellent rain bike.

The Super Sport is nearly dialed--had her topped out down a hill. Rock solid. She also does not take any guff from the road. Stable while punching back at the asphalt. Built to hunt (carbon bikes, haha). And a looker too. The pictures show an unforgiving Fizik saddle (will be selling!), but she has a B17 now. Pictures also do not do the intensity of her black components (and their contrast) justice. Superbe Pro levers (unsprung) and hidden-spring calipers are delightful and very powerful.

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