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Originally Posted by Slaninar View Post
Unloaded trucks - those things can stop in place, better than a race car. Just beware of those. And potholes. If the road isn't familiar, avoid drafting. When you do, be very, very concentrated and careful.
Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
My best draft experience was when I landed with bike at JFK in NY. I couldn't find any non-highway road out and was very uncomfortable riding in that airport traffic and winding up on the Van Wyke Expressway.

While contemplating my options, I noticed that service trucks came by every so often. Like timing a wave, I got ready to jump onto the next one, got into the draft and stayed there as we cruised at 30-35mph. He took me out of the airport and onto a service road where I could escape onto Queens city streets.
On my old commute route I would ride the shoulder of a road the was about 40-50 mph between lights. I could time the first light and usually catch a slow accelerating truck off the light and ride on the shoulder or white line behind him and cruise along at a good clip until I had to turn off.
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