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Originally Posted by mcours2006 View Post
Okay, I know this is probably very dangerous and unwise...but last night on my way home I stopped behind a bus at a railroad crossing. As it moved I thought, I'll try to keep up. How amazing was this? In no time the we were cruising at 45 km/h with not much effort on a stretch of road that I normally ride at 30. I was about 10 feet behind the bus and you could just feel the really, really strong tow. I only did for less than minute, and then had to turn off.

Okay, fess up. I know some of you have done this too, and probably for more than a minute.
As I recall, a friend and I did this on at least one occasion as teenagers when riding our bikes back home from downtown Winnipeg along Portage or Ness avenue. Buses almost never make sudden (high G) stops from cruising speed, at least in my experience, so it seemed pretty safe. You could also tell by the bus's signal lights, and people waiting at the next stop, when it was a good time to coast.
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