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Originally Posted by SpeshulEd View Post
And in addition to that...

There's also no way to upload your apple watch cylcing activity to Strava/Garmin/Anything but the apple activity app.
Yes there is: use the Strava app instead of the activity app.

Originally Posted by SpeshulEd View Post
There's no way to upload your Strava/Garmin/Anything else to the apple activity app.
No longer true as of the latest WatchOS update (which runs on all models.)

Originally Posted by SpeshulEd View Post
The fancy message alerts on the watch don't alert when the watch is in activity mode.
Also not true, adjustable in settings.

Originally Posted by SpeshulEd View Post
Changing an audio track on the apple watch while riding a bike is about 94% more difficult than just double tapping the button on your headphones.

Originally Posted by SpeshulEd View Post
Oh, you want to go camping and you have 8 months built up on your every day activity streak, but you don't feel like charging your watch every night while you're camping in the middle of nowhere so bam! there goes your activity streak.

I could go on forever.
Sure but why do you care so much about your activity streak?

OP already has a 520, so in a lot of ways he's covered, but he can still use Strava on the watch to track his activity and use the Activity app as a motivator. Worked for me to the tune of 50lbs and counting.

Nice out of date info, though.
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