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Originally Posted by 1 Miyata Biker View Post
I had a high PSA reading this Spring on a Prostate exam. The doctors have told me to stay off of my bike! Needless to say...I don't like that advice! I'm used to riding an average of 1,500 to 2,000 miles during the riding season in Ohio. I've reluctantly obeyed the doctors advice, but I miss my bike! Does anyone out there have any advice on an alternate style saddle that would relieve the pressure off of the Nether Region which in turn should relieve pressure off of the prostate gland. I have been using a Brooks B-17 for several years now, and find it to be comfortable. I know there are some "new" saddle designs out there, and wonder if anyone has tried a saddle out of the ordinary due to similar Nether Region problems. All comments/suggestions are very welcome.
Hi Miyata,
Before you get too panicky, I can relate to you my experience:
In June of last year my PSA suddenly spiked from my normal 2.3/2.4 to 4.8. The 4.8 in of itself is not that terrible, the concern is the large jump. The urologist suggested a re-test in 1 month. He did say that cycling could cause an irritation of the prostate. So for 5 days prior to the re-test I stayed off of the bike and, wala, a PSA of 2.4.

Then 6 months later, and this past June I went through the same routine and sure enough, the PSA is at 2.4.

So, assuming your doctor will prescribe a retesting, stay off of the bike for 4 or 5 days prior to the test and see what happens. We're all different and our bodies react differently, so while to many cycling has no effect on them in terms of the nether regions, it does to others.

I trust this helps.
Good luck and best regards
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