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Originally Posted by 1 Miyata Biker View Post
I had a high PSA reading this Spring on a Prostate exam. The doctors have told me to stay off of my bike!..............
Originally Posted by flan48 View Post
........Before you get too panicky, I can relate to you my experience:
In June of last year my PSA suddenly spiked from my normal 2.3/2.4 to 4.8. The 4.8 in of itself is not that terrible, the concern is the large jump. The urologist suggested a re-test in 1 month. He did say that cycling could cause an irritation of the prostate...........
flan48--what you were told by your urologist is what any well informed doctor would have told MB. He should not have been told to stay off his bike. Thus my suggestion to find a new doctor.
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