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I watched a television program about urological issues with road cyclists and it was not specifically about the prostate. The doctor's advice was to relieve the pressure on that area regularly, both by riding upright for a few minutes, and stop for a break. Also 3 long rides a week left too little time for recovery for older men. A good fitting bike and good saddle desing (hole in it) can also help, but it is de the drop bar or low bar ride position that is bad for the blood flow. Interestingly there was also a former pro in this report and he was asked why this wasn't a problem when he was on a bike 6 hours a day, and he said it was a problem, but they got massaged after every ride and the perinneal area wasn't left out. These are pro cyclists and their 'soigneurs', they don't get giggly about serious cycling matters like beeing seated without pain and a normal functioning body off the bike.
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