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I ain't a doctor! Let's get that out of the way. However, I am really, really smart. And I have read a lot. And, as an older male, I have had to educate myself about prostate issues. It has not escaped my notice that doctors in general set a very low bar for what constitutes quality of life for most of their patients. Nor is a second opinion always of much use. Doctors are usually more alike than they are different. What people usually experience as a "doctor that gets it" is that the first doctor they saw was a GP or Urologist and the second was an Oncologist or vice versa or whatever. To a hammer most problems look like a nail. To a Urologist, prostate problems look like making life easy for the prostate. Cycling is not the easiest thing for prostates. It might cause an elevated PSA.... and? What? An elevated PSA DOES NOT CAUSE PROSTATE CANCER.

IF cycling is what is causing the elevated PSA in the o.p. it is of no significance whatsoever! If cycling is what is causing the elevated PSA, staying off the bike for as few as four or five days will return the PSA to baseline. A re-test could be done... the results could be enlightening. In the worst case scenario and the PSA did not return to baseline it wouldn't be because cycling in and of itself is to blame! So, no need, IMO to stop or even reduce cycling! It isn't going to change anything or make it any worse (or better).

Ironically, what most experts believe is that a lack of exercise and poor diet are the main contributors to increased prostate cancer risk. Cycling is rarely cited as even a remote cause of prostate cancer. It is, however, a source of exercise. Cycling can cause prostate issues, yes, prostate cancer, no. I used to swear by anatomic saddles but my latest saddle does not have a cut out. It is however, wide and flat and does have a depression where the cut-out would be on an anatomic saddle. I wear padded shorts and take frequent butt breaks on longer rides.

WARNING: Possible TMI. Older American men, especially those without wives and/or girlfriends, neglect their personal plumbing to an unhealthy degree. Doctors readily tell men to stay off the bike, but forget to remind them to stay in the game, flush out the stagnant water in their standpipes with regular applications of attention, manual or otherwise.

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