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LOTS of hand tools and sockets, a tape-measure, and a nice mini-multi-tool.
A Timex Ironman watch on the side of a trail at the top of a ridgeline. This past spring, after the rains, a boot with a foot still in it washed down from these mountains to the beach. I'm glad I didn't find that instead.
One time, there was G.I. Joe laying face-up with a tiny knife in his tiny hand. I swerved in an evasive manuver to avoid him, but about two minutes later I had a flat. Coincidence? I don't know. I never did anything to him...
I regularly catch and return neighborhood dogs to their homes. So far, all have had tags. The last one, a small Jack Russell Terrier, seemed to enjoy the ride on the bike. I scooped her up right out of the middle of the road with one hand. Her owner saw her riding with me (looking for his house) and thought I was trying to steal her.
The last time I was riding with my husband and a buddy in the mountains after a long, hard climb up a paved mountain road, we reached the trailhead into the forest. Next to the trailhead, in the brush, there was one of those canvas-and-steel folding chairs. While my husband was resting in the chair, and we were waiting for our buddy, I found a grocery bag full of bottled water and candy bars and snacks. They all looked fresh and new, and it was curious, indeed. We left those untouched, because I have a theory that they were left there by people intending to ride or hike up later. Later in the same ride, we found a pomegranate. Strange place for a strange fruit...
One of the best trail-finds is the biggest wasp I have ever seen in my life. This thing is almost the size of a small hummingbird. I was 60 miles from the nearest medical help after a crash on the trail. Needed a trip to the emergency room. Made it back to the van, and could not believe my eyes when I saw this thing. At first, I thought he was a fake toy bug lost by a child. He was dead, and I collected him in a little container. Sometimes I show it to people and say 'if you go ride in the hills, watch out for these!' The reaction to this jumbo wasp is priceless. I have a good scar from that ride too, but I think I enjoy the wasp more!
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