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Bikes: Custom Carbon Fibre Ultegra Di2 touring bike

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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
I'm surprised you can't source M9000 parts for that price.
Photos will be nice as you start gathering stuff together, and building.
I would have loved to get XTR M9000 parts especially M9000 Di2, but the gearing for M9000 is too low, at least with XT T8000 I am able to get a 48/36/26 crankset, and a 11-36 cassette.
Yeah I intend to upload plenty of photos in this thread as the build progresses, I received my first parcel today(rear hub, handle bars, headset), Once its built I also want to do a bunch of testing on the SON28 hub, to see how much USB amps I can get out of the socket at different speeds. I will post the results as well.

Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
After carrying on about recharging a Di2, so to tour on a carbonfiber wunder Bike.
He went on and on about how all he could find was a complete bike not a frame set
so must have Money to Burn that hole in the pocket..
Yep you’re probably right I do have way too much money to burn, but my carbon bike has a very different purpose to my new bike build. Carbon bike is so I can be fast and light when I am supporting just myself, the new Cro-mo bike is for when I am supporting not only myself, but also my family, or friends

Originally Posted by bradtx View Post
I don't see much use for the interrupter brake levers, I've been leaning towards some Vittoria Rando Hyper tires or maybe Gayorskins, and I'm not comfy on Brooks saddles for three items. Like I wrote, simply trivial personal preference items that don't mean anything for your build.
While we all have read about the short chain life of 10S drive trains, the larger cassette and the larger chain rings may actually help. I'm one who does not quite understand how a 10S chain is so much more likely to stretch than a 9S chain, but if this is so, wrapping more chain onto the higher tooth count might be the answer.
This will be my first bike with interrupter levers, I really wanted high end hydraulic disc brakes on bike, but had to rule them out because I wanted the interrupter levers, I find I spend a lot of time on the tops, and I like the ability to brake from the tops in an emergency.

Yeah I have heard that 10 and 11 speed chains don’t last as long as the 7/8/9 speed chains, on my other bike I have 11 speed, and it is still going quite strong after probably about 3000-4000km on it. So I am not overly concerned about it.
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