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We know it's a 1992 model as that was the first year for the Tassajara model and it went from an Exage 400LX/500LX mix in 1992, to Altus in 1993. The brakes are definitely pre-Altus, which was my first clue to the year. The brakes were spec'd as 500LX and should have BR-M501 or BR-M502 on the back. The number on the crankset is probably FC-M400 (which is 400LX), as a poorly stamped 'M' could look like a poorly stamped '14'.

The YF-023 sounds more like a part number for the bottom bracket shell but it's not a big deal if you can't find the serial number. It would just be interesting to know, as it may tell us the exact build date and the identity of the Taiwanese manufacturer.
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