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Looking to replace current bicycles. Suggestions?

My wife and I have two Juiced Bikes ODK U500. They're quite the pain to maintain, really. The tires are hard to get on and off the wheels, making tubes hard to do as well. The hydraulic disc brakes are impossible to get right (even the LBS says they had a hard time with the system when they started carrying the bikes). And these bikes are big.

That said, I really do love them. Been car-free for almost a year now and they've been great. I've only lubed the chains once, replaced four tubes, and replaced the pads (which required service to the hydraulic systems, requiring $50 visits to the LBS both times).

I am entertaining the idea of getting back to non-electric bikes after having broken two tire levers trying to replace our tires.

I am wary, however.

We live in Seattle work downtown, live up on Capitol Hill. So it's uphill most of the way. I don't know anything about gearing, as I never got into that when I was rebuilding my old Schwinns and what-not a couple years ago.

I have entertained the idea of getting a bike with a 7 or 8-speed internal-geared hub, but that usually raises the price point. I don't want to spend more than $1,000 for a non-cargo bike. If I go for a cargo bike, however, that goes up to around $1,800. The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day is popular and has great support. I wonder how heavy is too heavy, however.

We carry our kiddo on the back to-and-from school. If we were to go with cargo, obviously we would do the same. If we transitioned to "normal" bikes, we would get a trailer.

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