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I don't see major problems with cantis on a winter bike. Yes, wet rim stopping is poorer. Snow and ice stopping is even poorer, but isn't so bad. Braking power when you tires are on the frozen stuff, esp ice is really bad!

Now, I have heard of cants with poor performance. The ancient design Mafacs I put on my Mooney served to give me one finger braking for the first half of the descent of Alba Road above Santa Cruz, CA in a full winter Pacific rainstorm with rivers running across the road. (Half way, my index fingers were getting tired and I went two finger. That road drops 2000' in 4 miles. Many curves. Basically a paved, lower, 1/2 height Mt Washington. From a guy who has ridden down both.) See two it you have cantis patterned after the Mafacs or '80 Shimanos (now on my Mooney) and you should be fine. I think it is the shorter cantis with the arms that reach up that are the poorer performers. I set mine up so the arms are ~horizontal at rest. Also with long bridles.

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